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Our teachers support kids from grades K-12

The Early Years Count

We help build the foundation for your child's future success

Improved Confidence

Learning should be challenging! Let us inspire your child to embrace challenges and to experience the confidence boost that comes along with overcoming them.

Learning at their Own Pace

Whether you're looking for enriched learning opportunities or extra support, our teachers will help your child go the distance!

Head Start Advantage

Whether you’re looking to enrich your child’s learning or to support the improvement of your child’s confidence and academic achievement, Head Starts in Learning Inc. has what you’ve been looking for!

We believe in every child’s ability to succeed. Our team of experienced, knowledgeable, and OCT certified teachers know how to help your child realize his/her greatest potential.

We’re passionate about helping students develop the thinking and organizational skills they need to go the distance in their chosen pathway to success. At Head Starts in Learning Inc., we move at the pace at which your child learns and with our help, your child will feel prepared for all of the many great learning opportunities that lie ahead!

Exceptional teachers

  • All of our tutors are trained and experienced teachers.
  • All our teachers have experience in special education and are dedicated to improving your child’s self-esteem, study habits and academic results.

Flexible Scheduling & Locations

  • We are flexible and offer various options that will complement your life’s busy schedule.  We offer online tutoring and mobile tutoring options.  In either case, we aim to make our services available to you in the most convenient ways possible!

Individualized Learning

  • Our Ontario Certified teachers provide instruction in a range of subjects using strategies tailored to your child’s specific needs.
  • We provide focused support in all subjects from K-12.
  • We offer support at IPRC and SST/IEP Review Meetings
  • We work with your child’s school teacher(s) to develop a plan that works for your child.


Along with learning the basics of studying skills, we support our students with the subject specific skills they need to be successful… not just this year, but throughout the rest of their educational journey!
Headstarts in Learning Inc. supports students from grades K – 12. 

Literacy, English and ESL

A strong ability to comprehend English forms the foundation for learning in all other subject areas.  Our approach helps students become better readers and writers and prepares them for success in their years to come.


Whether you want to see your marks improve in this subject area or if you just want to enrich your learning and get a head start in chemistry, physics, or biology, our teacher-tutors are ready to help you see life through a new lens!

Social Sciences/History/Geography

Thinking critically, organizing information, and communicating effectively…this is the focus of our teachers who support students in this area of study.  We look forward to helping your child better understand the world they live in

Computer Programming

Consider the fact that while 71% of all jobs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics industries require skills in computing, only 25% of schools offer courses in this subject area. Give your child a competitive advantage and help prepare your son/daughter for life in the 21st century!


We help your child develop their ability to speak, read and write in French – the second language of our great nation.  Our approach to teaching French reinforces the literacy skills your child also uses in English.  Our goal is to help your child develop the communication skills they need in order to experience future success.


#Mathisbeautiful – Math shouldn’t be scary! Let our team of teachers bring out an appreciation for numbers that your child never knew s/he had.

Economics, Accounting and Finance

We are all affected by business activity each and every day.  Build your understanding of marketing, accounting, entrepreneurship, and information technology with the support of one of our experienced teachers.

Homework Help

Does your child simply need assistance with organizing their tasks and in completing their work?  We can be there to help your son or daughter get the assistance they need to get work done.  With our support, students will learn and practice work habits that will prove invaluable in their years to come.


Thank you for creating such a wonderful program!  We really see the difference in the girls success with the help you are providing for them!  They are doing so well and are achieving so much at school.  Thank you again, and I wish you continued success with this program.L. Thomas
L. Thomas
Hi Head Starts,I just wanted to update you on my mark for my final assignment in my data management course. I received a 90%! Thank you for your help, it was greatly appreciated.  Have a great day.C.L
I have spoken with the kids and they are all happy with the connection they have made with Veronica.They are all in agreement that they are learning new things and retaining the information.So far so good! Thank you, Head Starts.From a Happy Mom
From a Happy MomI. Street

Convenient & Flexible

Our mobile teacher-tutors are available to support your learning where you are most comfortable.  Use our map to see whether we currently provide service in your area, or give us a call at 416-346-3555.

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